Credit Card Sized ChargeCard For iPhone 5 USB Cable is Now Available to Pre-Order

ChargeCard For iPhone 5 USB Cable:  ChargeCard is an iPhone USB cable having size equal to business/credit card. ChargeCard was available for iPhone 4S and other 30 pin dock connectors idevices and now ChargeCard for iPhone 5 is available to  Pre-Order in 25 $.


Our quest was simple: a charging cable for your iPhone portable enough for you to always have it on you. Being ultra-portable, however, wasn’t enough; it needed to fit into your life. So we designed ChargeCard in the shape of a business card, and at only three times the thickness of a credit card. With this form factor, the ChargeCard fits naturally into your wallet, purse or pocket. It’s there when you need it, and out of your way when you don’t. 

Credit Card Sized ChargeCard for iPhone 5 USB cable can be Pre-Order from here and will start delivering from May.

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