Download Activator 1.6.2 Beta1 Cydia Tweak! Brings Many New Feature

Activator Cydia Tweak develop by Ryan Petrich for jailbroken device is a must have Cydia tweak which helps users to perform different task with the help of buttons and gestures. Activator Cydia tweak allows users to use more efficently their jailbroken iDevidce for fun and entertainment.

Download Activator 1.6.2 beta1

 Activator 1.6.2 beta1 complete change log:

  • Add Pause and Play actions
  • Add headset connected/disconnected events
  • Use much simpler native gestures in iOS 5
  • Fixed delayed headset action crash in iOS 5
  • Dismiss Notification center when activating first page
  • Make Activate assistant action dismiss if Assistant is already visible
  • Support show volume bar on iPad/iOS 5
  • And more

Activator 1.6.2 Beta 1 can be installed from the Ryan’s Cydia repository: and install Activator.

2 thoughts on “Download Activator 1.6.2 Beta1 Cydia Tweak! Brings Many New Feature

  1. I just paid for for myself an ipad device and an ipod touch, but i don’t know ways toput up apps and what model of applications to purchase. Great thingi foundyour guide, now i have all the material which i need.

  2. Nice i’ll try it on 5.1 ../

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