Download Apple iBooks 3.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

At iPad mini media event Apple also released a new version of iBooks 3.0 which brings many new features including auto continuous scrolling feature, new languages such as Chinese, and better integration with iClouds. The complete change log for iBooks 3.0 is :

  • iBooks 3.0 now supports continuous scrolling, without pagination.
  • Besides that, now iBooks users can sync their reading position with through iCloud storage across multiple devices.
  • It features sharing of passages and books to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Moreover, iBooks 3.0 supports 40+ languages, Tim Cook named mostly Asian languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese.
  • With Chinese language, you get to scroll read / scroll top to bottom and, with Japanese, you can read / swipe right to left. Somewhat related to this, Apple has included the ability to continuously scroll through books and documents instead of using the traditional swipe to change page method. Cook showed it working flawlessly on stage.
  • In new version of iBooks, you’re able to use your own fonts, mathematical expressions dropped into books. Multi-touch widgets.

Download Apple iBooks 3.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 

The link is live now.

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