Download Cydia Substrate apk & Winterboard for Android

Download Cydia Substrate apk & Winterboard for Android: Famous iOS jailbreak app Cydia is now available for Android OS. The founder of Cydia Jay Freeman aka Saurik has announced that after years of hard work he has ported Cydia Substrate on to Android platform. Cydia Substrate for Android allows users to change and customize their device without flashing the entire device with a custom ROM. While Winterboard is already available for Android however;

WinterBoard is a “theme engine” that allows you to use the many themes you may find in the Google Play Store on your device without having to install custom ROMs or use custom launchers. It allows you to use almost any launcher icon theme with your stock launcher and supports “Theme Chooser” themes without CyanogenMod.

Cydia for androidCydia for Android os

To install Cydia Substrate on your Android device you will obviously need a rooted device. As long as you are rooted you simply need to install the APK and grant it Substrate Superuser access.

Download Cydia Substrate for Android from  here.

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