Download EA Need For Speed: Most Wanted For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Android Devices [Video]

Electronic Arts EA games has released the first trailer Need For Speed: Most Wanted  for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and android devices. Need For Speed Most Wanted is the latest game introduced by EA games to the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store in October.

According to EA officials Need For Speed Most Wanted will feature a new physics-based collisions engine that makes impacts and crashes in the game seem pretty real, as well as producing very realistic visual damage to any vehicle that has been involved in collided with any aspect of the gaming environment.

Need-For-Speed™-Most-Wanted-ios-android-cydiaism iphone



There’s no release date announced by EA yet, but speculating  “coming this October”  mean it will definitely be reveled  for iOS and Android devices before the full console version of Most Wanted pushed out on November 16. Check out the first trailer of  Need For Speed: Most Wanted for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Android Devices.

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