Download FireCore aTV Flash Black 2.0 For Apple TV 2G

FireCorea devs team has updated aTV Flash Black 2.0 for jailbroken Apple TV 2G . The new aTV Flash Black version 2.0 brings many new feat ures including new Library View, fully integrated search, syncing, scrobbling and much more.

For those users who dont’t know what is aTV Flash Black; it’s a tool that brings a new life in your jailbroken Apple TV 2G. aTV Flash Black adds a web-browser feature, ability to play different formats and its installation is very easy. You just need a jailbroken Apple TV 2G.

Here is a full changelog for aTV Flash (black) 2.0:

  • Added all-new Library View
  • Added integrated media search
  • Added 2-way syncing
  • Added scrobbling
  • Added genre/artist based playlists
  • Added Recently Added display option
  • Improved handling of WTV files
  • Improved handling of DVD audio tracks
  • Improved AFP connections
  • Improved filename recognition
  • Improved subtitle handling
  • Resolved various navigation issues
  • Resolved rare DVD playback issues
  • Resolved rare subtitles positioning issue
  • Many other minor improvements and fixes

aTV Flash Black 2.0 does not support Apple TV 3 and according to FireCore development is still under process. Jailbroken Apple TV 2 users can download FireCore aTV Flash Black 2.0 from official website.

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