Download MyAssistant Cydia Tweak Version 1.1.1! Brings New Features

MyAssistant Cydia Tweak version 1.1.1 has been released which brings perfrmance imrovemens, many new features and bug fixes. The new version fixes the command mic and system toggle bugs which were found in previous version of the app. MyAssistant Cydia Tweak helps o utilize acivator apps with Siri including toggles with Siri, launch applications, take screenshot, and even create custom Siri conversations.

Download MyAssistant Cydia Tweak Version 1.1.1

MyAssistant Cydia Tweak Version 1.1.1:

Fixed launch apps not working for French and German people
Fixed German translation
Download with Siri by saying ‘Download’
Open any app with Siri by saying ‘Launch app name’
Send a tweet with Siri by saying ‘Tweet’
Dismiss Siri command
Flashlight toggle
Added French and German language support
Shorter height bar option
‘I don’t know what you me by’ fix
Misc bug fix
Custom background fix

MyAssistant Cydia Tweak version 1.1.1 is available in BigBoss repo of Cydia for only 0.99 $.

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