Download Real Time Data Usage Monitor For iPhone

If you are worried about you cellular data usage and download limits and want to manage you cellular data usage in real time then this Cydia Tweak will help you a lot to manage your cellular data usage. Data Usage Monitor for iPhone is Cydia tweak which allows users to set data usage limits and advance data tracking service in real time.There are many other data usage monitor apps available for iOS device but the features of this Cydia tweak differentiate it from other apps available in the market.

First of all Data Usage Monitor for iPhone comes up with a configuration panel which allow users to configure different option without the need to launch separate apps or search through different settings bundles to find the total used data limit. One of the more advanced features of Data Usage Monitor is the fact that it can actually be configure to disable access to cellular data based on user defined cellular data limits. This option basically ensures that users won’t ever go over their network allocated data.


Data Usage Monitor for iPhone can be download from the BigBoss repository for only $1.99 and supports iOS 4.2 or above.

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