Download Seas0nPass 0.9.2 Brings iFaith-Like Features

Download Seas0nPass 0.9.2 Brings iFaith-Like Functionality: FireCore Dev team has updated Apple TV Jailbreaking tool Seas0nPass to 0.9.2 which brings integration for iFaith-Like functionality. This means now users can save their 2nd generation Apple TV SHSH blobs for downgrading purposes.

With the help of saved SHSH blobs of Apple TV 2G can be restore to a iOS firmware which is not being signed by the Apple. At the moment only Mac version of Seas0nPass 0.9.2 available to download while Windows version is in testing phase. Users can download Seas0nPass 0.9.2 from the links below;

Download Seas0nPass 0.9.2

Download Seas0nPass 0.9.2 For Mac
Download Seas0nPass 0.9.2 For Windows

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