Download SmugMug’s Camera Awesome App For Your iPhone

SmugMug, the famous photo sharing website, has released a new iPhone camera app dubbed Camera Awesome.  Camera Awesome App for iPhone have many new glowing features and is a powerful camera app. According to Wall Street Journal  review for this app;

Of the photo apps out there, few come close to Camera Awesome. The app has 297 presets, filters, textures and frames, along with and many other features like image stabilization and burst modes. The popular Instagram has far fewer photo effects, lacks things like image stabilization or burst modes, and doesn’t include video recording. Inventive Inc.’s Camera+ has some of Camera Awesome’s helpful shooting modes, but costs $1.99 and doesn’t have as many effects, or video mode.

Download SmugMug's Camera Awesome App For Your iPhone    Download SmugMug's Camera Awesome App For Your iPhone

Base on features and function SmugMug’s Camera Awesome App is a truly competitor of Camera+ and  Instagram apps.You can easily use features and effects like filters, textures and frames with a swipe rather than tapping on each of them. SmugMug’s Camera Awesome App is available for free in Apple App Store however users having SmugMug’s account have an exra option to automatically upload photos taken using the iPhone app to SmugMug servers and then share them to famous social neworking sites like Facebook and twitter.

One thought on “Download SmugMug’s Camera Awesome App For Your iPhone

  1. There’s another great iPhone/iPad camera app: ProCamera.
    I’ve been using ProCamera for some time. It’s my favorite camera to take pictures/videos for my kids in action. This app has all the features of Camera+ and more. It’s a high-end app, great for professionals, and also easy to use for people like me who want to advance the skills. I can set focus and exposure on different objects. So easy. It takes exceptional pictures. Then apply filters, lighting and other adjustments. On top of that you can shoot videos and zoom videos while recording.
    It’s worth it. German engineered, rigorous while artistic. I am glad that I didn’t waste money to try many other camera apps!
    iTunes store:

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