Hide/Unhide Dock Icons On iPhone With DockHide Cydia Tweak

DockHide is a newly released Cydia tweak which allows users to hide docked icons from the main view. This wonderful cydiai tweak is released by famous iOS and Mac OS X app developer PathKiller29. Users of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac OS X running computers will have knowledge of Dock and its importance. On the dock users can place their favorite apps and give them a permanent, quick launch home in the dock.

Get DockHide for iPhone

DockHide Cydia tweak is available in ModMyi repository and it uses Activator methods to allow the user to quickly dismiss the Dock from view which could be invoked by tapping the status bar, holding the power button, swiping in from the bottom of the screen or many other gestures included with Activator. After installing DockHide on your iDevice you can configure its setting by its own preferences pane which allows the you to define the activation method as well as determine whether or not the SpringBoard app icons should stretch in an attempt to fill the void left by the missing Dock.

DockHide tweak available free in Cydia and if you want to give it a try then you can download it from ModMyi repository.

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