How To Fix If You Cannot Send Out SMS on Your iPhone 4S,4 or 3GS

Your iPhone is not sending out SMS that you sent?  iPhone users that have faced this error would have tried common troubleshooting actions like inserting the full area code,checking the signal, resetting network settings, tested your SIM card on other  phone, restoring the iPhone from a backup – but did’t solve it out!

The actual problem is with you iPhone’s SMS center number. To check your iPhone’s SMS center number type the following code and press dail button.
You will then see this message on the screen:
Setting Interrogation Succeeded
Service Center Address

The SMS center number or Service Center Address above is for my cellular company which is incorrect. The correct SMS center number is +923330051108. Now, if yours SMS center number is incorrect you can update it by typing the following and followed by pressing Call:


SMSCNUMBER would be your mobile service provider’s Service Center Address. You can Google for it or call your customer support hotline.

for example, the correct message center number is +923330051108, so the command would be:
Once you’ve done the above you will see the following message:

Setting Succeeded
Service Center Address
No Address

To confirm if the number is correct, type the following again and press Call:

I hope this will fix this issue.

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