How To Fix Google Chrome Crashes On Jailbroken iOS Devices

Fix The Google Chrome Crashes On Jailbroken iOS Devices:  Many users reported about the Google Chrome Crashing on jailbroken iDecices a few seconds after the launching the Google App.

According to Saurik( Cydia Founder) the problem is caused by Google who implemented the detection logic in a faulty way that leads to Chrome crashing on users a few seconds after launching the app.

Chrome app crashing after launching due to it automatically assumes you are sending usage data back to Google. By default this functionality is actually turned off, meaning for most users of Chrome app who are on Jailbroken iDevices, the app does not work correctly.

Fix The Google Chrome For iOS Bug That Causes The App To Crash On Jailbroken Devices

We have a quick fix for this bug which is actually causing Chrome app to crash few seconds after the launch.

How To Fix The Google Chrome Crashes On Jailbroken iOS Devices

Step 1: Open up the Google Chrome app and in the right hand side of the screen tap the menu button and then quickly tap Settings.

Step 2:  Then you will need to tap on Privacy under the Advanced section.

Step 3:  Finally tap Send Usage Data under the Web Services Section.

Step 4: From this next screen you can tap either Always or Only on Wi-Fi and then tap the Done button.

I hope this will fix Google Chrome Crashes bug on Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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