Install iOS 6 on Old iPhone 2G/3G & iPod Touch 1G/2G with Whited00r 6 Unlocked Custom Firmware

Install iOS 6 On Old iPhone 2G/3G & iPod Touch 1G/2G: If you are owner of an old iPhone 2G/ 3G or iPod touch 1G/2G and want to update its iOS firmware then you can now update your old iDevice iOS firmware to latest iOS 6 firmware with Whited00r 6 unlocked custom firmware. As many of you know that Apple has stopped updating iOS firmware for iPhone 3G or older model and the last iOS update for this model was iOS 4.2.1 firmware.

Whited00r 6 brings the iOS6 look and feel even on the old device, which are not supported by official iOS6 firmware. We treated the whole firmware from the most important things to the small details.

Install and Run iOS 6 on Old iPhone 2G or 3G with Whited00r 6 Custom Firmware

To use Whited00r 6 your old iDevice need to be jailbroken first. The iOS 6 installed on old iDevice models may not be able to run at the performance standards set by Apple, but it does give a new life to your old iDevice. Detailed  how to install guides are available at Whited00r official website.

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