iPhone 5 Jailbroken On iOS 6 Firmware

The famous iOS hacker Chpwn just posted a tweet about iPhone 5 jailbreak. He mentioned in his tweet that he has manage to jailbreak iPhone 5 running iOS 6 firmware. This is the first time that someone claimed success inĀ jail-breakingĀ A6 iDevice and now jailbreak success news came into the market whereas iOS 6.0 firmware jailbreak is already possible with latest version of Redsn0w.
Chpwn also posted a screenshot of Cydia running on the iPhone 5 on twitter.See below the screenshot of jailbroken iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Status

and here is the screenshot of Cydia Home page.

This is a great news for iPhone lovers and we will be back with more details about iPhone 5 jailbreak running on iOS 6 firmware.

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