iPhone 5 Untethered Jailbreak On iOS 6.1 Release Status

The members of iPhone Dream team and Evad3rs jailbreak team are continually working very hard to bring iOS 6.1 /6 Untethered Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A recent progress is made by David Wang aka planetbeing, member of iPhone Dream Team, he has somehow managed to get Cydia tweaks to work on his jailbroken iPhone 5. It is also important to mention here that planetbeing is one who had managed to jailbreak iPhone 5 on the same day it went on sale in the market. David Wang aka planetbeing in his recent tweet;

Upgraded the #failbreak with a kernel exploit so tweaks actually work on iPhone 5. 😀 Almost a full tethered JB, though need dev account.

jailbreak for iphone 5 ios 6 cydiaism

Such Kernel exploit in Apple iOS firmware would be helpful in finding the jailbreak solution. Few days back Dream team also said “We still have a few tricks up our sleeves” . One of the iPhone Dream member Wang said:

“It’s very engrossing. It’s kind of like doing a very complicated Sudoku or a crossword but it’s like 10 times harder. It’s just entertaining to be able to use your brain in that way. It’s really the only reason I do it.” 

It seems like the fully functional iOS 6.1 tethered or Untethered Jailbreak for all A4 ,A5 and A6 iDevices in now matter of few days. We will keep you updated as we hear something more, so stay tuned and meanwhile users having A4 iDevices can do tethered jailbeak on iOS 6 with latest Redsn0w by visiting here.

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