MacBook Pro 13” With Retina Display Tears Down By iFixit

Tears Down MacBook Pro 13: New MacBook Pro 13″ With Retina Display was released by Apple along with iPad mini few days back.Now famous website iFixit has done tears down New MacBook Pro 13” With Retina Display.

Most of the components are from the similar names like solid state drive from Samsung, a bushel of RAM from Hynix and the Ivy Bridge processor from Intel. The inside of the MacBook Pro 13 seems like a jigsaw puzzle, as Apple has really tried hard to make this thing as small as possible.

13-Inch-MacBook-Pro-With-Retina-Display-Teardown-2 cydiaism

13-Inch-MacBook-Pro-With-Retina-Display-Teardown-3 cydiaism

13-Inch-MacBook-Pro-With-Retina-Display-Teardown cydiaism


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