Reason Behind Apple’s Poor Maps App Explains Apple Maps Team Leader [Video]

There is no doubt that Apple’s newly released Maps app is not working as it should or advertised. In these days Apple is facing a lot of criticism on its Maps app. Although Apple also have given a press brief that in coming days everything will be fixed in Maps app and users should not worry about that. huh!

Apple Maps Team Leader has just released a video giving justification why the Apple Maps app performance is so poor and beyond the expectations of the users.

According to him, there’s nothing wrong with the Maps app in iOS 6. It’s just that the new iPhone 5 has a Q6 Quantum Processor, which can show you locations from Parallel universes.  Users can watch the video posted below explaining the real issue with Apple’s Maps app.

According to video there is nothing wrong with Maps apps and it’s just the iPhone 5 has a Q6 Quantum Processor who is responsible for poor performance of Apple’s Maps app.

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