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Download Action Menu Jailbreak Tweak For Your iPhone 4S

As many of you know that iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1  untethered jailbreak on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 has been released and now many users might be wondering about best free jailbreak tweaks to install on newly jailbroken iPhone 4s or iPad 2.

Today we are going to discuss  about top 10 must have jailbreak tweak and you can install them by searching Cydia.


 Top 10 Must Have Jailbreak Tweaks For Your iPhone 4S

SBSettings: This Cydia tweak allows you to adds options to turn on/off 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and even more functions. on a newly jailbroken iDevice.

Safari UniBar: This Cydia tweak allows you to use the Safari address bar as a combined search and URL bar similar to Google Chrome and brings the same functionality to the iPhone’s Mobile Safari.

InfiniDock and OverFlow: This Cydia tweak adds the best iPhone dock to your iPhone. InfiniDocks allows you to add multiple icons to your dock and it lets you scroll through them as you would pages on your springboard. While OverFlow gives your dock an awesome “Cover Flow” style.

3G Unrestrictor: This Cydia tweak allows you to use FaceTime, iCloud, HQ YouTube, and PhotoStream features on all over 3G.

iFile: This Cydia tweak allows you to manage and view your iPhone file system.As name suggests its a File manager which allows you to view any type of file i.e. movies,Wordprocessing,HTML,PDF and text etc.

IntelliScreenX: This Cydia tweak which allows you to add a lot of features and functions in iOS 5.0 notification center. [Free Demo /Available for $9.99]

Activator: This Cydia tweakallows iOS hackers to invoke their own tweaks. Activator was updated with iOS 5.0 built in Twitter support, its available free and pre-install with jailbreak.

StayOpened and PasswordPilot: StayOpened jailbreak tweak as the name suggest, allows you to keep the App Store opened after a purchase, and PasswordPilot saves your password so that you don’t have to  enter your password again and again for purchases.

WinterBoard and DreamBoard: These two Cydia tweaks allows you to customize theme of your iPhone and customize the interface. With Winterboard, you can get a lot of themes that can be found easily on Cydia. DreamBoard contains more stable and amazing themes for your jailbroken iPhone 4S.

Action Menu: This Cydia tweak adds a copy and paste menu to allows you to save favorite items for easy copy and paste.