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Download Sara Dictation To Use Siri-like Voice-To-Text

Few days back we posted about the release of Cydia tweak Sara for all iOS devices. Sara the first Siri Clone works best as compare to Spire as it does’t require siri proxy servers to function properly. Now the devs of Sara released Sara Dictation which is a simple but very attractive voice-to-text tweak.

Sara Dictation is a Cydia tweak compatible with all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It basically adds a little white microphone alongside the space bar which you simply tap to activate. Upon testing it myself, Sara Dictation is just like Siri, accurate and with only a few minor mistakes per paragraph. It recognizes all the characters and words required for a decent dictation app, allowing you to insert full-stops,commas and speech marks which commonly used in daily language.

Download Sara Dictation To Use Siri-like Voice-To-Text To Unsupported iOS Devices

Sara Dictation is available free of charge in Cydia. If you want to give it a try then you have to add this repository to your Cydia Sources which hosts Sara ( and search for Sara Dictation.