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Download The Latest Siri Clone Sara For All iOS Devices [Cydia Tweak]

From the release of Siri for iPhone 4S along with iOS 5 back in October 2011, there have been a lot attempts by hackers and devs to bring siri feature to older models of iDevices. After the release of iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak few weeks ago, devs struggle was surpass to brings Siri to older models of iDevices. As a results the best attemt up-till now is Spire Cydia Tweak but the problem with Spire is that it needs you to have access of Siri Proxi server. Due to this hurdle many users was not able to use Siri on old models of iDevices.

Download The Latest Siri Clone Sara

Now another Cydia tweak called Sara claimed to be free alternative of Spire which does’t require Siri Proxi Server. For the time being Sara appears to be as best Siri Clone available at horizon.

Features for the SARA Cydia tweak:

  • Find local business & direction (everywhere, not only US and Canada)
  • Search Google, Wikipedia
  • Call, message
  • View the movie schedule from nearest cinema
  • Read newspaper (via RSS)
  • Check mail
  • Remote control PC
  • Search videos from youtube, songs
  • Toggle on/off system functional (wifi, bluetooth, 3G etc)
  • Translate, support > 37 languages
  • Read barcode, qr code then find price, local business sell this
  • OCR feature (Image to text), you can use Sara instead of scanner
  • Social network support, share photos, comments on Facebook, twitter
  • Search product price, local business
  • Open apps
  • Weather

Siri Clone Sara is available free in Cydia. In order to get this Siri Clone Sara, you have to add the following repository to your Cydia source list: “”¬†and download the version specific to your device.