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Easily Transfer Files From One Computer To Another

If you a an IT professional or daily computer user and used to transfer files between computers then you might have faced compatibility issues while transferring files and data from PC to PC, Mac to PC or Mac to Mac or any other combination. J5Create has come up with the solution for this problem by creating JUC400 Wormhole cable. The Wormhole” is a simple switch device that allows you to share a keyboard or mouse, and enables you to drag and drop files or folders from one Mac or PC or PC to PC etc.

Easily Transfer Files From One Computer To Another With JUC400 Wormhole

The j5 Wormhole provides the latest in mobile computing technology. This simple to use USB to USB Wormhole cable and software has two main functions. It allows you to copy/share your data, photos, music or other files between two computers instantly. Simply plug in the cable and drag and drop files from one computer to the other. You can use the keyboard and mouse from one computer to work on the second. Why is this important? Imagine having the ability to use a full sized PC keyboard and mouse on your small lLaptop or Ttablet.

Easily Transfer Files From One Computer To Another With JUC400 Wormhole

JUC400 Wormhole Key Features:

• No installation CD is required, Simply Plug-and-Play
• Mac and Windows Interactive
• Keyboard and mouse sharing between two connected computers
• Single cable solution for file transfer
• Clipboard texts and pictures sharing
• Drag & Drop to transfer your data between two computers
• User-friendly interface
• Save and/or copy your data, photos, music and/or videos from your memory card between two computers
• Conforms to USB Specification version 1.1 for Keyboard / Mouse function
• USB High-speed (480Mb/S) -of USB Specification version 2.0

JUC400 Wormhole is available for only 40 $ and you can buy this from here.