Tweeticide For iPhone: Allows You To Easily Delete All Of Your Tweets

If you want to remove all of your tweets at once and don’t have patience and time to remove them on your iPhone individually then  Tweeticide for iPhone is perfect app for you. Tweeticide for iPhone allows you to delete all of your tweets with just one tap. One of the reason you might want to delete all of your tweets that you might be judged by your employees on things you have uttered over social networks.


Delete all of your tweets with Tweeticide for iPhone

 Delete all of your tweets with Tweeticide for iPhone

Keep in mind that Tweeticide erases all of your tweets visible to public but Google’s cache may continue save them for a short while afterwards. Furthermore undeleted tweets of over 23 weeks old will be sent to the Library of Congress for purpose of ‘archiving’. So unfortunately, whilst some of the older tweets will be out of sight and essentially, out of mind, they’ll forever be in the hands of the US Government. If you wish for tweets not to be a part of the archive process, simply include #noloc in your tweet.

Tweeticide for iPhone is available for only 0.99 $ from App Store and can be download from here.


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