Watch Live Streaming HITBSecConf2013! Evasi0n For iOS 6.1.3 To Be Release

Watch Live Streaming HITBSecConf2013: Hack In The Box (HITBSecConf2013) security conference is going to held today in Amsterdam and members of the evad3rs team, pod2g, planetbeing, MuscleNerd and pimskeks are currently in Amsterdam attending the HITBSecConf2013) security conference and they have planned to hold a press conference there.

From the press release:

The team known as the @Evad3rs (@Planetbeing, @Pod2g, @pimskeks and @Musclenerd) will be holding a press conference to discuss their groundbreaking evasi0n jailbreak at the Hack In The Box security conference (HITBSecConf2013 – Amsterdam) this week.

What can you expect from this once in a lifetime press conference? The chance to speak with and question some of the world’s leading iOS hackers on the work behind evasi0n. [..]

[..] We have recently seen evasi0n being patched by Apple in the iOS 6.1.3 update and so the cat and mouse game begins again. But we all know the @Evad3rs have some secrets up their sleeves for the next

Watch Live Streaming HITBSecConf2013

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